Palestinian Farmers Union Collectif Judéo-arabe et citoyen de Strasbourg aux Sept pains

Rejet US du rapport Goldstone

Vidéo: manifestation hebdomadaire à Bil’in le 30 octobre

Eau: Eden Springs n’équipe plus l’hôpital de Lausanne

Documentaire sur le bilan d’Obama
a story from Democracy Now!, a daily independent radio and TV news program:

Tomorrow will mark one year since President Obama’s historic election as the nation’s first African American president. A new documentary tracks Obama’s seemingly improbable road to the White House with an unprecedented look at his campaign. Filmmakers Amy Rice and Alicia Sams began following Obama in May 2006, eight months before he announced his candidacy for the Democratic nomination. Their film is as much a look at the campaign behind the scenes as it is at the grassroots movement of supporters that propelled Obama to victory. [includes rush transcript]

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