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Nazareth Mayor Ramez Jeraisi’s home was the target of a grenade attack; Universities in Jerusalem and Haifa banned Hadash protests

Nazareth Mayor and Hadash (Democratic Front for Peace and Equality – Communist Party of Israel) leading member Ramez Jeraisi’s home was the target of an attack Monday (December, 29, 2009) evening, which saw the official’s bodyguard injured and the property damaged, “Al-Ittihad” daily communist newspaper reported.

Attackers threw a grenade at the home, a rare incident in the city, the large Arab-Palestinian community situated inside Israel. Jaraisi was quoted as saying there had never been threats to him personally, but he added that there have been threats to public figures in the past.

The Hebrew University in Jerusalem on Monday cancelled a conference organized by the Hadash branch after learning that it was meant to focus on the dreadful and damned Gaza war, referring to Israel’s war in Gaza a year ago. Hebrew University students who are members of Hadash had received authorization to hold the conference on campus, but the institution eventually canceled what it referred to as a “conference of incitement” against the Israel Defense Force (Tzahal) and the occupation policy of Israel. Hadash Knesset Member Afou Agbaria, who was scheduled to attend the conference, one of the first physicians who entered Gaza during the war.

Also Haifa University has informed Hadash’s student branch that it will not allow a rally marking the first anniversary of Operation Cast Lead on Wednesday. University officials said the institution “feared that elements who do not belong to the campus” will take part in the protest.

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