La flottille qui vogue vers Gaza chargée de matériel pour la reconstruction est menacée d’être stoppée par l’armée israélienne. La partie suédoise des bateaux pour Gaza a demandé rendez-vous au ministre suédois des affaires étrangères pour savoir comment la Suède et l’Europe entendent protéger cette action humanitaire et pacifique qui est parfaitement légale.

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According to several Israeli and Palestinian media, Israel will not hesitate to use violence to prevent the solidarity convoy Freedom Flotilla to reach Gaza. Ship to Gaza – Sweden has asked for a meeting with Minister of Foreign Affairs of Sweden, Carl Bildt, and see how Sweden and the EU intend to protect the humanitarian, peaceful and completely legal action.

According to Israeli TV2 the Israeli government and military will not allow Ship to Gaza and the Freedom Flotilla convoy to get to Gaza as planned, reaching the coast at the end of this month with its cargo of much needed material for reconstruction. According to a news article posted on their webpage, the Israeli have been given clear orders to prevent the solidarity convoy to reach Gaza, even it would take military violence. The Israeli Air Force have been given similar instructions: the convoy have to be stopped, with violence if needed, and the participants sent back to their respective countries.

During a meeting between the Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan and European Campaign to End the Siege on Gaza – Ship to Gaza’s coalition partner, Mr. Erdogan expressed his support for “breaking the oppressive blockade of Gaza”, which is a top priority for Turkey.

Ship to Gaza’s spokespersons Dror Feiler and Mattias Gardell, together with parliamentarian Mehmet Kaplan (Green Party) asked for an audience with Minister of Foreign Affairs of Sweden, Carl Bildt. to discuss what measures the Swedish government and European Union will take to protect Ship to Gaza and the Freedom Flotilla humanitarian, peaceful and entirely legal voyage.

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