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Hillel Ha Zaken « Ce qui est détestable à tes yeux, ne le fais pas à autrui. C’est là toute la Torah, le reste n’est que commentaire. Maintenant, va et étudie. »

August 09, 2014 The Guardian, The Tricycle and Jews in Britain against Genocide The Tricycle Theatre is coming under enormous pressure from Zionists over the UK Jewish Film Festival’s decision to withdraw rather than reject funding from the Israeli embassy. Jews in Britain against Genocide have written to express their thanks but first here’s a reminder of the Tricycle Theatre’s statement on the whole affair: Now the letter to Tricycle: Dear Indhu Rubasingham, We write to thank you for refusing to accept Israeli sponsorship of the Jewish Film Festival. We particularly appreciate that you distinguish between Jews in Britain and the Israeli State. We could not be further apart from the Israeli state. The insistence of the organisers of the UK Jewish Film Festival on including sponsorship from the Israeli Embassy, even when you generously offered an alternative, has made their priorities clear: not Jewish people or Jewish film but the hijacking of Jewish culture to disguise Israeli policies and particularly its bloodied image. Its murder and maiming of Palestinians and others in the Middle East has been going on for many decades. But its recent unrestrained, sadistic attack on Gaza has reinforced its genocidal intentions against the Palestinians. jewssansfrontieres

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