To military prison, instead of Gaza
Israeli Conscientious Objector Natan Blanc
To be imprisoned this morning

Today, Monday November 19th, Natan Blanc, a 19 years old Israeli from old Haifa, will show up at the recruitment bureau, inform officers there of his refusal to serve in the IDF, and will likely be sent immediately to the military prison. His act of conscientious refusal is directly connected to the current situation and the army’s acts in Gaza. He took this decision even before hearing the terrible news of five women and four children being killed today by a single Israeli Air Force bomb:


Identities of Contradiction by Moriel Rothman

A film by Moriel Rothman based on conversations about identity with Palestinian Citizens of Israel.

Filmed in Deir al-Assad, Bineh and Majd al-Krum, 2010-2011.